Grüß Gott

Went to Kirchberg in Tirol with a good friend


Back in Time

Made three years ago at school
* Adriana Lima


Paris Day 4, Monday 25th '10

- Breakfast Restaurant
- Galeries LaFayette (North of the Seine)
- Lunch in LaFayette
- Bvd. St. Germain
- Hotel
- Taxi to Gare du Nord
- Diner
- Train
- Bed 12:45 pm (Great six hours of sleep but absolutely worth it)

Paris Day 3, Sunday 24th '10

I'm not very fast I'm sorry!
Last two days today ;)
- Breakfast Restaurant
- Tuileries
- Louvre
- Walked around: R. St. Honoré/Opéra/Place Vencome/LaFayette/Printemps(all closed of course)
- Tea with 4 little desserts
- Relaxing in the Hotel
- Italian Restaurant


NATALIA VODIANOVA, Paris Day 3, Sunday 24th '10

Spotted in les Tuileries: Natalia Vodianova

Paris Day 2, Saturday 23th '10

- Breakfast Hotel
- Arc de Triomphe
- Champs Elysees (Louis Vuitton, H&M, Gap, Cartier, Sephora enz.)
- Coffee and chocolate chip cookie
- Avenue Montaigne (Ralph Lauren, Dior, Joseph enz)
- Starbucks
- Petit Palais
- Diner in 1er Arrondissement
-  Hotel -> Fashion TV


Paris Day 1, Friday 22th '10

-Arrival :  3:00 pm Gare du Nord
- Hotel (Montparnasse)
- LaFayette (under the Seine)
- Beer on a terrace
- La tour Eiffel
- Diner (WOW this was really really nice, canard -> saumon -> gâteau au chocolat)


Paris, Paris

When: the 22nd to 25th of October!
With: my Mum

Haven't been in Paris for a while and I'm really looking forward to visit that beautiful city againg..

Getting around ParisVendôme Saint-Honoré XIe nord : Parmentier-Oberkampf
Does anyone has tips?


Jan Taminiau

I've spotted Jan Taminiau at Leiden Centraal!