NATALIA VODIANOVA, Paris Day 3, Sunday 24th '10

Spotted in les Tuileries: Natalia Vodianova

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  1. Hello Eva,

    Great meeting ! Didn't you try to go and speak to her ? Who was with her ? Was there a blond little girl too ? And any man with them? Anyway thank you for taking the pictures and posting them here !


    By the way, great blog, you look to be a very "it girl"

  2. Cause I can't answer you in another way, I hope you read this. I was amazing to see her there, I was really surprised. Two women went on the picture with her, but she was with her family/friends and I did not think it was necessary to disturb them. She was with two children, a boy and a girl and a woman. ;)

  3. Thanks Eva for your answer !

    Actually on your pictures there are her two sons : Lucas, who is almost 9, and when looking close we have a small glimpse of Viktor who is 3. Maybe you thought Viktor was a girl ? Natalia also has a daughter of 4 and half, did you see her too ?

    Sorry for all my questions, I hope you enjoyed Paris, abut actually, judging from your photos, I'm sure you did ;-)


  4. Wow you now a lot about Natalia and her kids! I thought she was with two children but maybe with three, they were playing and running. But she let the boat in the water with two of them.

    Yes I really enjoyed paris, had a lot of fun with my mother and we saw really amazing things. We went into all the expensive and exclusive shops, wauw it was amazing. We both love shopping! When visiting Paris you should have a look in one of the three Ralph Lauren stores, of course it's better if you are really going to buy something but I can recommend visiting one.
    But I can't tell you much more about Natalia, except that she looked really happy!



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