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Rimmel London – 60 Seconds Nail Polish – 813 Round and round de garden, 500 Caramel cupcake and 262 Ring a ring o’roses – 4,99
I put on two layers, it does indeed dry really fast. But after 60 seconds don’t try to
put on clothes or anything like that, that is only possible if you put on one thin
layer. Still wearing Caramel cupcake, curious when it starts chipping.
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Rimmel London – Apocalips Lip Lacquer - 100 Phenomenon – 10,99
Nude/peach color, I had really dry lips and the lipgloss made my lips much better during the
day. The applicator works good and you only need to take it out once to do both lips. It
also smells really good! I don’t like glosses with a lot of glitter, this one is perfect for me.
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