Airport Beauty Shopping

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March 2013

  • Clinique – Moisture Surge – Extended Thirst Relief - All skin types – Hydratation - buy here
  • Clinique – Super Balanced Makeup – Normal to oily skin – 27 Alabaster – buy here
  • Yves Saint Laurent – Mascara – Volume Effet – Shocking – Black - buy here
  • Clinique – Bronzer/Blender Brush - buy here


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December 2012

  • Clinique – Moisture Surge – Extended Thirst Relief - All skin types – Hydratation - buy here
  • Clinique – True Bronze – Pressed powder bronzer – 03 Sunblushed - buy here
  • Clinique – Blushing Blush Powder Blush – 110 Precious Posy - buy here
  • Yves Saint Laurent – Eau de Parfum – Parisienne - buy here
  • L’Oreal Paris – Super Liner – Ultra Precision – Black – you can buy this one at almost every drugstore

It is clear I love Clinique products. My first foundation was Clinique Super Balanced which I bought in New York when I was seventeen years old. The foundation bottle was almost empty when I dropped it on the bathroom floor a few weeks ago. I bought a new bottle at Schiphol airport two weeks ago, in the same colour.

Clinique Moisture Surge is the best day cream for my skin I ever used. In the past I had problems with some acne and an oily skin, now I became older I sometimes still have an oily T-zone. Now I am using Clinique Moisture Surge I don’t have that problem anymore, my skin feels soft and looks good. I bought a new one two weeks ago but I still use the one from December.

Parisienne is my favourite perfume for already 3 years, I still like Coco Mademoiselle too but the biggest reason I chose for Parisienne is because I do not meet a lot of people who are wearing it also. The woman who helped me at the shop advised me to try Yves Saint Laurent Shocking mascara. Really happy with her advise cause I love the mascara, I have tried a lot of mascaras and this is the first I only have to put on one layer of mascara and it looks great.

I use the products pictured almost everyday, not always an eyeliner and sometimes I mix the foundation with Clinique Even Better foundation. I like the bronzer and blush a lot because they are not to sparkly, I want my skin to look as natural as possible.


Hope you liked this report, for questions and more specific details please comment below!

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