Work-out Inspiration


Four working-out tips and Inspiration!

Tip 1: Don’t look at all those pictures of women like Doutzen Kroes, Miranda Kerr and Candice Swanepoel because
working-out is part of there jobs. For most people working-out is something they to beside there jobs, social life
and hobbies. Aside from that, looking at those pictures doesn’t get me motivated, cause I already know I will never
look like that! Try to make working-out one of your hobbies because when you start and carry on you will feel better,
look better and have much more energy to do other things!


Tip 2: Select good music before you start. Music that makes you want to go on, do more and keeps you
motivated. I use music I want to dance on, if you want I can share my work-out music!


Tip 3: Set goals, if there is no goal where are you doing it for? Keeps you motivated and makes working-out a lot easier!


Tip 4: Do it together, when you make appointments with other people it is much more difficult to
cancel or quit!

Tip 5: Reward yourself!

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